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Chooses the carpentry engraving machine's five main points
Published:[2010/9/15 8:41:44]   Hits[14708]
First, width size's choice the customer should act according to the service the demand and the fund condition, the choice suits own engraving machine's model and the power size. Generally the small width's engraving machine has 600mm脳600mm and 600mm脳900mm, the feeding width is 700mm. Carves the double color plate is the small width engraving machine most basic application, tolerant is very good. Is again small a spot the engraving machine price not to be many with its difference, but carves time the double color plate must cut the board, compared with troublesome moreover creates the nonessential waste. The great width's engraving machine has 1200mm脳1200mm, 200mm脳1500mm, 1500mm脳2400mm, 2400mm脳3000mm, the above type's engraving machine enters the branch width to surpass 1350mm, now in the market condition plexiglass and the PVC board's size is 1300mm脳2400mm, therefore these types are quite suitable to the demand great width engraving machine's customer.
Second, main axle electrical machinery
The main axle electrical machinery is the important building block, its performance has the very important influence to the computer engraving machine complete machine's performance. Processes the main axle usually to divide into two kinds: Precision sizing main axle and high efficiency cut-off main axle. 1, processes main axle's characteristic is fine the low noise, the high speed, the altitude, suits the processing specially fine work piece, like seal, data plate, chest sign present and so on. This kind of electrical machinery for the high speed frequency conversion electrical machinery, the power is usually small, below 250W. The shortcoming is shuts off the thick material ability to be bad, does not gather the cut-off thick material.
2nd, the high efficiency cut-off main axle, mainly uses in shutting off, the high efficiency to engrave, the characteristic is the power is big, cutting ability, the especially qualify shears the space, three vertical letters, certainly may also manufacture the chest sign, the data plate, the seal and so on. This kind of high efficiency main axle may divide into generally according to electrical machinery's characteristic not brushes the frequency high speed alternating current machine and has brushes the alternating current machine, its main difference is: A, not brushes the frequency conversion electrical machinery rotational speed to be high, the variation ratio is 70060000 revolution of/minutes, but has generally brushes the alternating current machine highest rotational speed not ultra 24000 revolution of/minutes: B, not brushes the frequency conversion electrical machinery running accuracy to be high, wears is small, the noise is low, makes the noise to be lower than greatly has brushes the alternating current machine; C, not brushes the frequency conversion electricity field traffic to transfer the characteristic to be good, because on the frequency changer has the special current limiting electric circuit, the short time will stop up transfers will not burn down the electrical machinery, but will have brushes the alternator when the overloading operations or will stop up will transfer will belch smoke very quickly the overburning, and cannot repair; D, not brushes the frequency conversion electrical machinery to use the frequency conversion control technology velocity modulation, is the specialized level product, the life is long, the factory provides 1 year free exchange guaranteed, later may also carry on the maintenance through the replacement high speed bearing to the electrical machinery, but has brushes the alternating current machine, because causes to use electricity the note life probably on to replace the motor or the electrical machinery carbon brush in 300 hours, therefore carbon brush alternating current machine usual one day does not maintain.
銆€Three. Control mode and speed choice: The control mode may divide into three kinds now:
A, all operation work has the computer to control completes, engraving machine when work the computer is at the active status, is unable to carry on other typesetting work, such possible solid computer's misoperation to create the waste product.
B, uses monolithic integrated circuit's control, this kind of controller may carry on the typesetting while engraving machine work, but cannot close the computer, this in fact is equal to a surplus 7 computer, and reduced the waste product which computer's misoperation creates.
C, uses USB to transmit orally loses the data, the system has the 32M above memory capacity. So long as preserves the document, may be separated from the computer, close the computer or to carry on other typesetting completely immediately. This way raised engraving machine's working efficiency greatly.
Fourth, guide rail
The great width engraving machine must certainly use the broaden import Fang Xing the guide rail, its load capacity and the precision maintain ability are above circle guide rail's 30 times, has guaranteed the engraving machine high-grade high speed.
Fifth, precision small width machine carving 1mm Chinese character, or the great width engraving machine engraves the 1.5mm small character, must look under the magnifying glass clearly.
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