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How to select selects the advertisement engraving machine
Published:[2010/9/15 8:42:14]   Hits[10190]
The advertisement decoration profession carves characters following the computer machine, after the computer spurts draws machine, another recent development direction--The computer engraving machine already gradually popularized in the market. Carves characters machine the choice to the computer is mainly the performance and the width, to spurts draws machine the choice is mainly the precision and the waterproof character as well as the adaptation consumes the material, then what should pay attention to the computer engraving machine's choice? Could invest the engraving machine very in advance in the investment consciousness, but presented the fault in the choice, has purchased not the suitable product? Each investor throws is the laborious money, can these laborious money bring the benefit? Here is our opinion, refers for you: We thought that chooses the engraving machine to pay attention to the following several points:
First, engraving machine's classification: From the function looked that the computer engraving machine divides into the low power engraving machine and the high efficiency engraving machine two broad headings. What the low power engraving machine refers to is carves the electrical machinery power small engraving machine (general 80-200W), because its carving electrical machinery power is small, each time can only apply in the cutting face few fine processings. For instance: Chest sign, sand table model, handicraft face work and so on. This kind of engraving machine is unable to carry on the high efficiency carving and cutting. The high efficiency engraving machine is refers to the carving electrical machinery power in the 700W above engraving machine. This kind of engraving machine not only may carry on the low power carving, but may also carry on the high efficiency carving. For instance: Manufacture quartz character, each kind of advertisement product label, plate anomalous yummy treats formation, man-made stone material processing and so on. Because its power is big, therefore a time may cut the 30mm thick plexiglass or use the forming tool to carry on the high efficiency formation carving. Some user not clear engraving machine has the high efficiency and the low power division, after looking at the high efficiency engraving machine's demonstration, because of the investment difficulty, bought the price to be slightly low a spot the low power engraving machine. The result can only carve each insufficiency two Yuan chest signs (some areas only then several jiao money), regarding high efficiency and so on plexiglass product label carving can only see others do. The similar investment, the similar retail sales expense, the similar operation and other personnel wages, actually some 80% carving service is unable to do, not only reduced own benefit, moreover, in the colleague competes is in the very disadvantageous position. This point when chooses the engraving machine, is must certainly pay attention. If you are in this profession application, certainly must purchase can carry on the high efficiency carving the engraving machine.
   Second, engraving machine's brand: Engraving machine's production technology is opposite in carves characters confidential to be much more complex, simultaneously the engraving machine is different in carves characters machine the place to be many, this is carves characters machine the factory to be very early is developing the engraving machine not to have the reason which the product promotes. The engraving machine request is fine, is stable, once will have the unstable situation to create the serious material waste. Because therefore the purchase has the strength factory product to be able to reduce the waste and the mechanical breakdown causes the losses the possibility.
Third, observes engraving machine's operation demonstration carefully: The small character carving may see engraving machine's precision, the high efficiency carving may see engraving machine's application scope. If the engraving machine carves the small character the precision to be very bad, then carries on time the high efficiency carving presents the edge to be rough; Carries on when the high efficiency carving, if presents serious resonating (vibration), also will cause engraving machine's precision to reduce greatly. If the engraving machine is unable to carry on the high efficiency carving, then this engraving machine's application scope greatly will also sell at a discount. Must therefore determine this engraving machine's application scope based on engraving machine's demonstration, is also you carves the service the scope. Engraving machine's application scope decided directly whether to bring the economic efficiency to you
Fourth, the engraving machine consumes the material and software's application: The engraving machine consumes the material to be very low, the common engraving machine should be able to apply the ordinary lathe processing cutting tool, the price has several Yuan. But what some engraving machines use completely is the special-purpose cutting tool, enhanced greatly has consumed the material the expense. Software's application is also very important. Some brand engraving machine software function not entire, this engraving machine is also unable to use other softwares. Moreover some brand's engraving machine may apply the common each kind of software, so long as has the new software or some software has the new function promotion, these new technologies may give you immediately to create the benefit.
Fifth, engraving machine's control section: Engraving machine's control section divides into two broad headings generally. The first kind is with the computer controls, but own control section is only the power actuation. This kind of engraving machine is unable the off-line working, also will be carves in the process the computer to be unable to carry on other typesetting work and possibly to create the waste product because of the computer operate miss. The second kind is the controller itself controls and actuates. This kind of engraving machine may the off-line working, is also once the engraving machine starts to work, the computer may carry on the typesetting work immediately. This kind of situation in fact was a surplus computer and reduced the waste product which created because of the computer operate miss. This way raised engraving machine's working efficiency greatly.
Sixth, about carves the electrical machinery: The wonderful strength engraving machine selects the high efficiency frequency conversion electrical machinery, has guaranteed machine high efficiency cutting at the same time, also has given dual attention to the fine processing, unifies closely high efficiency cutting and the fine processing. The domestic some brand's engraving machine is not not willing to choose the high efficiency carving electrical machinery, but because its basic machine does not have the rigidity which the high efficiency carving can withstand, but cannot use.
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