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Numerical control engraving machine's maintenance and trouble shooting
Published:[2010/9/15 8:42:29]   Hits[10202]
First, machine's maintenance
The water pump must replace the circulating water frequently, maintains the water only with the water temperature, revolves by against outlet pipe jamming or under the water cooling main axle high temperature creates the part harm. lead screw x.y.z axis, optical axis, square shape guide rail after certain action cycle, must clean up the built-in sundry goods, pours into the lubricating oil.
Second, cutting tool's choice
  Pointed knife: Uses in 2D the plane carving, the trace is clear, is smooth. milling cutter: The main clean machine floor efficiency is high. 3D knife: Uses in the three dimensional artistic character the carving. cutter: Mainly uses with PVC; Density board; Aluminum sheet; Steel plate; Material and so on plexiglass cutting and processing.
Third, trouble shooting
  Xth, Y, Z axis does not take a walk, is the black driver which its corresponds is bad. X, Y, a Z axis axis dislocation, randomly engraves should inspect the driver whether to have the problem; The checkout system installs; Whether the inspection mechanical junction box does become less crowded; The machine engraving speed is excessively quickly; The voltage is too whether low; Inspects the control card. the carving characters depth varies, the platform is uneven, levels with the milling cutter clear mill floor then. the machine's electrical machinery strength is small, looked that guide screw or bearing whether to have the sundry goods, cleans up then. the frequency changer has the situation which the pro and con transfers to look whether a winding does meet instead. starting does not have the response, inspects the big line whether to be cut off, the unsoldering, inspects the holding wire whether to become less crowded.
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